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Season 3, No Mercy, There Is NO Disease In This Dojo!

EPIC! Coach announces NO MERCY for Season 3 and that 2020-2021 Is Actually POSITIVE!

After a CRAZY end to Season 2 with the 2020 crises, and with Season 3 of Coach’s favorite show “Cobra Kai” (the Karate Kid story 30-some years later) imminent and an “any-day-now” scenario, he brings a bit of this dojo to his clinic and DEFINITELY to an exciting and informative third season to his show.

With more guests, more advice and greater urgency than ever before, listen as he takes you on a recap of last season, of 2020 and a killer positive outlook for the look back and look forward. The watchword is to emerge smarter and seeing the positive that happened as well as the most positive outlook going forward!

New season. New look. New resolve. NO MERCY!

Tune in now for this EPIC season opener!

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