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s1 e7 Adversity and Triumph with Matt Williams, Creator of Fro Pro

From extreme fitness and sports, to alcohol and drugs, to an amazing new life and

What an unbelievable story!

Join Coach Marghella and his college buddy “Tweeter” #VasityBlues, Matt Williams, creator of FroPro frozen protein bars and how he invented them out of necessity and boomed them in spite of adversity, a failed life, naysayers and amidst one hell of a second chance. Listen now!

A Man with a Mission, Not Just Another Protein Bar

Matt Williams states his mission on the GoFroPro website
FROPRO is more than a snack bar. It’s about making a comeback. Whether that comeback is mental or physical, it is our mission to inspire you that anything is possible. While doing so we strive to create a bar that is made up of simple ingredients that taste great and you feel good about eating.

The FroPro Story

FROPRO was founded as a way to make it easy for people to focus on their health so they could achieve their goals. Hand crafted and using easy to understand ingredients, it is the only frozen protein bar on the market that tastes like dessert but contains all the benefits of a protein bar. FROPRO was created when Matthew and Chelsea were working to make a comeback from different challenges they were facing, and they both felt the only way to achieve their goals was to focus on their health. FROPRO was born out of the need to consume something healthy, easy and delicious so that they could have one less thing to worry about and focus on their comeback. FROPRO is more than a bar, it’s a community that supports each other’s health and ability to achieve dreams despite setbacks or addictions.

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