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Sporting Good Posture Podcast

PODCAST HIJACKED by My Producer In the Name of Weight Loss!

My Producer HIJACKED This Episode Without Telling Me Until He Released It… But It Turned Out BRILLIANT! (And Teaches You How to Lose Weight and Improve Posture Too!)

Without Coach Marghella knowing, his producer, Chiropractic and Wellness advocate, Frank Sardella, hijacked his podcast for 1 episode and held it hostage to let everyone know something about weight loss, immunity and wellness that no one took the time to tell them and the secret to mastering, harnessing, hacking and controlling all of them WAY BETTER than ever before.

Wait til Coach finds out! He’s gonna be FURIOUS, but only if you miss it. It actually turned out to be a MUST HEAR EPISODE!

Tune in now!

Weight Loss New Years Resolutions That Actually Stick

BREAKING NEWS: Breaking New Years Resolutions Before You Make Them Ends With 2020 If You Know This…

Ever break a New Years Resolution?

Ever dread January 1st?

Ever break your own record for breaking New Years resolutions?

Has 2020 made you break them before you make them?

If you even answered “maybe” or “possibly” to any of these, THIS is the episode for you. Coach Marghella may be a successful Chiropractor, but now he’s found a LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS solution that Chiropractic itself has made possible and, not only is he bringing it to you, he’s doing it himself!

Join him as he shows you what you need to know and why New Years resolutions didn’t stick and why they actually should have if you know this ONE THING!

Tune in now!

How to Stay Well, Thin and Healthy Beyond the Pandemic Holidays

2020 Can Be a Tragedy Unless of Course You’ve Heard This 15-Minute Message

In December of 2019, Coach Marghella decided to get ahead of the game of getting in shape, losing weight and boosting his overall health, wellness and immune system. The result is he is wearing clothes from his closet he hasn’t worn in 3 years and he is in the best shape of his life.

Not only did he not get sick in 2020, he got even healthier than he was. All of this in a climate of worry about getting sick, proving that you can improve your odds against sickness by creating wellness. Find out how you can lose weight, eat more and be in the best shape of your life, all while sliding your immunity strength score more toward the positive and increasing your odds!

Tune in now!

2020 SO OVER! Got a Feeling ’21 Is Gonna Be a Good Year…

It’s so over but you can change your game for 20201… HONEST!

No, it’s not just a line sung in The Who’s rock opera “Tommy” with a catchy hook and melody, it’s finally 100 years after the last ’21 and, although you can say so much has changed, you could argue more has changed in the last 6 months than in these last 100.

Are you DONE with 2020? So am I. This has been quite a year. But we can look forward to learning form our experience this year and, in this episode, I reveal how to attack it and ht the ground running, not January the 1st, but NOW!

Here’s how to change your fitness, wellness, immunity and overall health game, no matter which game you’re playing. Tune in for some great advice to finish out this devastating year and how to start fresh with a new outlook and an entire new level of wellness too!

The answers are here. The coach is IN. So listen up!

Quit Wining and Get to Sleep!

Need Wine to Relax or Get to Sleep? Or a Couple? Here’s Why It’s Keeping You Up In the Long Run…

Wining is for dining, not sleeping! And if you’re needing a glass of wine to relax, this episode is for you! Join coach for vital information you didn’t know such as:

How is wine or alcohol making you LESS able to relax and not more?

What long term effects could this method if relaxation have?

What is the real source of inability to relax?

How is wine and alcohol potentially making you gain or retain weight?

How can you get to sleep so you can feel relaxed all the time?

All this and more in this episode. You’ll stop “wining” and start sleeping in this episode guaranteed to put you to sleep! For real!

Season 3, No Mercy, There Is NO Disease In This Dojo!

EPIC! Coach announces NO MERCY for Season 3 and that 2020-2021 Is Actually POSITIVE!

After a CRAZY end to Season 2 with the 2020 crises, and with Season 3 of Coach’s favorite show “Cobra Kai” (the Karate Kid story 30-some years later) imminent and an “any-day-now” scenario, he brings a bit of this dojo to his clinic and DEFINITELY to an exciting and informative third season to his show.

With more guests, more advice and greater urgency than ever before, listen as he takes you on a recap of last season, of 2020 and a killer positive outlook for the look back and look forward. The watchword is to emerge smarter and seeing the positive that happened as well as the most positive outlook going forward!

New season. New look. New resolve. NO MERCY!

Tune in now for this EPIC season opener!

How Wellness Can Earn You Millions Real Estate Entrepreneur Monte Mohr

Monte Mohr on a Fortune in Real Estate AND Wellness

This real estate entrepreneur and patient of Dr Marghella has made millions, but has a unique secret that has to do with his own wellness. He is also host of the Talk of Music City Real Estate podcast. Handling his own wellness opened some very prosperous doors in real estate, quite literally. Join the conversation now! Listen in!

Return to Center, Balanced Approach to Strengthening with Rocky Snyder

Finally, a fitness approach which ‘ALIGNS’ with body structure and balance!

Join coach as he interviews Rocky Snyder, author of Return to Center and coach to pro athletes on how posture, and skeletal factors enter in to conditioning, rehabilitation and developing the strongest version of you imaginable! Tune in now!

Gary Ward, Rocky’s mentor he spoke of who wrote the foreword of his book

Click here to find out about Gary

Rocky’s Book “Return to Center”

Strength Training to Realign the Body, Recover from Pain, and Achieve Optimal Performance
Click here to learn more about the book

Follow Rocky On Social

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ISOLATION REPORT: Immunity Compromised by Nerve Blockage

Is your posture really the key to tell how immune you may or may not be to illness?

What does posture and imbalance actually have to do with immunity and its lack?

Why can nerves that are blocked, cut down on function, especially immunity?

Find out in this vital and compelling episode where Coach M lets you know the score and how to change the game, upping your defense as much as possible!

Tune in now!